How do I start my 30 day trial?

To sign up for the 30 day trial you can email your details over to us or simply turn up 10 minutes before your first class to complete the sign up. The trial is a perfect intro into what Mixed Martial Arts has to offer, giving you the chance to try out up to 3 classes per week for for a whole month!

What should I wear to classes and do I need any equipment?

Shorts and Tshirt are ideal, although if you feel more comfortable in jogging bottoms that’s fine.

You don’t need any equipment as the gym has gloves and pads provided. Once you have been training for a couple of months you may want to get your own.

What’s the youngest age for new starters in the kids classes?

Our Junior warriors classes take new starters from 6 years and up, our Teen MMA program is for 11 years to 14 years.

How do I know which classes to attend?

During your trial our coaches will be working closely with you on what your goals are for the future. Once your trial has finished you can attend any fundamentals, 101 or open mat sessions, although we do ask new members to attend the fundamentals for at least another month before moving on to the 101s.

Can I train with the competition team?

The competition team classes (201) are attended via invite only. Once you feel comfortable in the other classes you can discuss this next step of your training with your coaches.

How do I book in for 121 sessions?

You can book in for 121 sessions by speaking to your coaches in the gym, or alternatively you can get in touch via email or call us to arrange your 121 taster session.

Will I be sparring in the classes?

We have 3 levels of classes to ensure all our members make progress in a safe, structured class. There is no sparring in the fundamentals classes as these are technique classes only, we have a small amount of light contact controled sparring in some of the 101 classes. Most of the 201 classes are sparring based sessions.

Is there a grading system?

Yes, we have our own unique belt system in our Junior Warriors and Teen MMA programs. We also have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai gradings for adults.

Can I enter competitions?

Yes, if your goal is to work towards competitions then our coaches can get you more than ready for this. The great thing about competing is you get to test your skill set and see what you need to work on. Although we won’t enter you in a competition before you are ready.

Do any women train in the classes?

We have many ladies training in our classes. Not only are the sessions great fun, they will also arm you with self defence knowledge and improve your physical fitness.

Do I need to pay anything when I sign up?

The 30 day trial is £10 and includes 4 Fundamentals classes per week across 4 weeks. That’s 16 classes in total across the beginners course!

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